Miami Boat Show

Miami Boat Show

People from around the world and from all parts of the United States come to the Miami Boat show. At the Miami Boat Show you can find small boats for fishing and water skiing but that isn’t what attracts worldwide attention. The crowds come to see the yachts and super yachts. Some of the yachts are named after gemstones such as “Red Sapphire”, “Blue Sapphire” and of course “diamond yachts” are included in the list of jewelry yacht names.

When you are in Miami for the boat show you may consider some other things to do. One of the greatest shopping attractions in the entire southeastern United States is the Seybold Building in downtown Miami. The Seybold Building has been well known as a South Florida shopping destination for all types of jewelry. What makes the Seybold Building (Largest jewelry building in the southeast USA) unique is that it looks like an office building and it is more like shopping mall that only has jewelry stores. This is why we see so many people from Canada, Europe, South America and all over the United States that make a stop at the Seybold Building as part of the attractions they want to see in Miami.

You’ll find more jewelers than you can possibly visit in one day with almost 300 jewelry stores in one location the shopping possibilities are almost unlimited.

Services included are: Appraisals, casting, diamond cutting, diamond setting, jewelry displays/jewelry boxes, colored stones, diamonds, enameling, engagement rings, engraving, fine crystals, findings, gold, gold jewelry, gemologists, jewelry, jewelry repairs, jewelry manufacturing, lapidary, model making, necklace stringing, polishing, fine porcelain, precious metals, silver, special orders, watch repairs, watch restoration, wedding rings/bands and jewelry sales.

When you enter the Seybold Building from the South side you’ll see Richard’s Gems and Jewelry on the ground floor. Richard’s is a family owned jewelry store that has been in the building since 1984. They have been featured on Local 10 TV as a top jeweler in Miami. While only 2% of all jewelers are diamond brokers (Richards is one of them) the other 98% buy from middlemen and then resell to the public at marked up prices. Richard’s Gems and Jewelry has made the Top 10 list by offering excellent prices on diamond jewelry. The store’s slogan is, “Experience the Difference and Stay with us Forever!”. Many of the customers of the store are customers for life because they don’t feel pressured when they enter the store and they feel confidence and trust.

At Richards you will find an extensive selection of GIA certified diamonds as well as Emerald, Rubies and Sapphires. They have built and earned one of the best reputation in the south Florida market based on excellence in customer service, large selection and unbeatable prices.

You can’t afford not to visit Richards gems & jewelry. Your trip will be worthwhile.

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